Bounce Rates – Why They Matter

Web analytics can give you insights into your web properties performance and help you fine-tune your content for maximum impact. One of the most telling metrics to monitor are your bounce rates.

What are bounce rates? They measure the percentage of visitors who land on one of your pages and then click away without having visited any other page on your site. Sometimes this is because they came to a specific page for a purpose, found what they needed and then left, but it’s generally not that simple, or a positive sign when visitors bounce.

You probably want visitors to stick around, check out a few pages and possibly even purchase something from you before they leave, so if your bounce rates are creeping up you should figure out why!

Reasons for High Bounce Ratesbounce rates

  • Your visitor didn’t find what they were looking for
  • They don’t think they will find what they are looking for
  • They don’t like the way your website looks
  • Your site doesn’t display or function well on the device they are using
  • The content is not what they were expecting
  • They don’t trust your website

It’s also possible that visitors can’t or won’t browse the site because:

  • There are too many pop-up ads, interfering with the content
  • Menus don’t work properly or broken links prevent navigation to other pages

Sometimes the problem is simply that you are getting visits from folks looking for something completely different due to using the wrong keywords in your content or PPC ads. Maybe they are just looking for a specific site, but not yours…

Why Worry about High Bounce Rates?

If your bounce rates remain high, Google assumes that there are quality issues and your site is not giving visitors what they need, so your search position for what may be your most valuable keywords will slide. This can be devastating to your digital marketing campaigns!

Monitoring bounce rates (and other metrics) is critical to the success of your online marketing strategy. We use analytics to track bounce rates and other data while evaluating your website’s structure, functionality, content and more. Our services will improve the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns – contact us to learn more.

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