Can Your Website’s Images Help with SEO?

The images on your website give readers both an immediate sense of what you are all about and more detailed information about your business offering and products. Great images boost your site’s appeal to visitors, and they can boost SEO as well.Images boost SEO

How to Improve SEO with Images

When you upload images, you can inform Google what these images are about and how they are relevant, by:

  1. First, before loading them, save the images with a descriptive name
  2. After uploading to the site, assign an alt tag to each image. Again, the tag should describe the image.
  3. You can also apply an alt description, with a more detailed explanation of the image
  4. Captioning your image does double duty, signalling Google and informing your readers about the image
  5. You may also link your images to other pages on your site. This is especially useful if you link each image in a gallery to further info on focussed pages.
  6. Make sure that your images are sharable, so that your readers can post your high quality images to their social media channels
  7. Your images must be viewable, shareable and functional on all devices from smartphones, to tablets and on up.

SEO has gone way beyond being a set of signals for search engines; so much now depends on user experience and behaviour. If visitors find your images to be low quality or not rendering properly on whatever device they are using, they will leave quickly and this signals your failings to Google as much as image names and metadata, if not more.

Proper image SEO incorporates high quality visuals, keyword-based metadata, cross device functionality and shareability. If you need help with any of these, contact us.

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