Tweak your Email Marketing Campaign with these Tips

Email is one of the best ways to reach customers and a well run email marketing campaign can outperform almost any other marketing channel – if you do it right! Even better, when your email campaign operates in conjunction with other online strategies (social media marketing, ppc and seo), you can create an omni-channel digital marketing campaign that is hard to resist.

Let’s focus for today on how to craft an email marketing campaign that engages your audience and encourages them to further action. Incorporate a few of these tips into your next email, and see how it goes, and as always, measure your success. You won’t really know if there is an improvement unless you measure it.

Improve your Email Marketing Campaignemail marketing campaign

  • Always start with research. Find out what your audience wants to know, read or learn about, NOT what you want to tell them about.
  • Personalize your email. Show that you understand who they are and what they like. Speak to them as a friend, so that you can begin to build a relationship based on trust and familiarity.
  • Keep it short. Nobody wants to slog through too much text. Use links to encourage them to find out more, learn more, or GET more.
  • Offer them a special reward. Keep readers engaged by giving a deal on something they want.
  • Invite your email list to add you to their contacts – it will prevent your emails from being shunted into their junk folder.
Keep your audience happy by:
  • Asking for feedback. Regularly invite them to tell you what they want to learn about, which products they like best or how you could improve your products and services. This info will inform your research and, an engaged customer is a repeat customer!
  • Not overwhelming them with frequent correspondence. Daily emails will almost certainly annoy them.
  • Making your unsubscribe option easy to find, and ensure it WORKS! There’s nothing more annoying than unsubscribing and then continuing to get emails for weeks afterwards.

Strengthen your email marketing campaign with these ideas, or give us a call, we can help you do so as part your overall digital marketing strategy.

Extend your Social Media Reach

Social media marketing is well past new or novel, and is now a pillar of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. According to Statista, 2.46 billion people are active on social media channels in 2017, and this is projected to rise to over 3 billion by 2021. Extending your social media reach is clearly worth pursuing!

social media reach

source: Statista

Practical Tips to help you Grow your Social Media Reach

Growing your audience on the busiest channels takes a bit of effort, but we’ve compiled a few tips to help.

Facebook Tips

The most popular social network offers a gargantuan audience (over 2 billion) of frequent users, and is well worth your efforts to cultivate, by:

  • Posting content that is engaging, informative, relatable and worth sharing! If you can, be funny, or post touching stories that will elicit a positive response
  • Ensuring that your content is easily shareable, even when it’s been discovered on another channel
  • Contests and giveaways are popular, and be sure to celebrate the winners afterwards, it will build trust with your audience
  • Don’t bombard your audience, cluttering up their news feeds with multiple daily posts will lead to un-follows

Grow your Flock on Twitter

  • Tweets are less intrusive due to their brevity, so you can post more often without alienating your audience
  • Follow and engage with influencers, especially those in your industry who have a great number of followers, by retweeting their material and starting conversations with them
  • When you start a conversation, pay attention to keep it going; Twitter moves quickly, and if you ignore it for hours your convo may die a premature death
  • Create thoughtful, significant tweets that will inspire others to retweet
  • Use hashtags to weigh in on popular topics and spread your reach

You can certainly boost your social media reach by focussing on these two social giants, but there are other channels where your audience spends time. Do the research to determine where they are and include these channels in your social media strategy. As always, keep an eye on the metrics so that you know whether your investment is paying off, and make adjustments accordingly.

It does take time to accomplish. If you are too busy running your business to work on improving your social media reach, talk to us. We can develop and manage your social media marketing campaigns while you focus on your daily business.

Can Your Website’s Images Help with SEO?

The images on your website give readers both an immediate sense of what you are all about and more detailed information about your business offering and products. Great images boost your site’s appeal to visitors, and they can boost SEO as well.Images boost SEO

How to Improve SEO with Images

When you upload images, you can inform Google what these images are about and how they are relevant, by:

  1. First, before loading them, save the images with a descriptive name
  2. After uploading to the site, assign an alt tag to each image. Again, the tag should describe the image.
  3. You can also apply an alt description, with a more detailed explanation of the image
  4. Captioning your image does double duty, signalling Google and informing your readers about the image
  5. You may also link your images to other pages on your site. This is especially useful if you link each image in a gallery to further info on focussed pages.
  6. Make sure that your images are sharable, so that your readers can post your high quality images to their social media channels
  7. Your images must be viewable, shareable and functional on all devices from smartphones, to tablets and on up.

SEO has gone way beyond being a set of signals for search engines; so much now depends on user experience and behaviour. If visitors find your images to be low quality or not rendering properly on whatever device they are using, they will leave quickly and this signals your failings to Google as much as image names and metadata, if not more.

Proper image SEO incorporates high quality visuals, keyword-based metadata, cross device functionality and shareability. If you need help with any of these, contact us.

Bounce Rates – Why They Matter

Web analytics can give you insights into your web properties performance and help you fine-tune your content for maximum impact. One of the most telling metrics to monitor are your bounce rates.

What are bounce rates? They measure the percentage of visitors who land on one of your pages and then click away without having visited any other page on your site. Sometimes this is because they came to a specific page for a purpose, found what they needed and then left, but it’s generally not that simple, or a positive sign when visitors bounce.

You probably want visitors to stick around, check out a few pages and possibly even purchase something from you before they leave, so if your bounce rates are creeping up you should figure out why!

Reasons for High Bounce Ratesbounce rates

  • Your visitor didn’t find what they were looking for
  • They don’t think they will find what they are looking for
  • They don’t like the way your website looks
  • Your site doesn’t display or function well on the device they are using
  • The content is not what they were expecting
  • They don’t trust your website

It’s also possible that visitors can’t or won’t browse the site because:

  • There are too many pop-up ads, interfering with the content
  • Menus don’t work properly or broken links prevent navigation to other pages

Sometimes the problem is simply that you are getting visits from folks looking for something completely different due to using the wrong keywords in your content or PPC ads. Maybe they are just looking for a specific site, but not yours…

Why Worry about High Bounce Rates?

If your bounce rates remain high, Google assumes that there are quality issues and your site is not giving visitors what they need, so your search position for what may be your most valuable keywords will slide. This can be devastating to your digital marketing campaigns!

Monitoring bounce rates (and other metrics) is critical to the success of your online marketing strategy. We use analytics to track bounce rates and other data while evaluating your website’s structure, functionality, content and more. Our services will improve the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns – contact us to learn more.

Digital Ad Spend in 2017

We’ve been predicting for some time now that, as advertisers continue to pile into digital, the money spent in digital ads will surpass other media. In 2017, we have reached a tipping point where digital ad spends, comprising both desktop/laptop and mobile devices, is beginning to overtake TV advertising.

According to recent research by Statista, an online statistics portal, digital ad spend in the US has already surpassed TV, and is only expected to keep growing. Here is a graphic that shows online ad spend in 2015 and projects where they expect it to go in the next five years.

What does this mean for your business? Well, if you aren’t allocating some of your advertising budget to digital already, it might be time to do so. Digital advertising targets your audience so much more efficiently than traditional marketing channels and provides unprecedented data metrics to give further insights into their behaviour, helping you understand who they are, how and when to connect with them.

Beyond Digital Ad Spend

Investing in digital ads is only one part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. There are several complementary online marketing methods including content marketing, social media marketing and SEO that will help you increase your reach, improve engagement and boost sales. An effective marketing plan will incorporate all of these in a coordinated effort.

How well does your marketing strategy function? Are you allocating wisely to digital or do you suspect that you are falling behind your competitors. Let us help you get up to speed, drop us a line and we’ll talk about it.

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