Google Ad Layout Changes

You might have noticed the Google ad layout changes that have recently come into effect.  Google no longer displays any ads on the right side of search engine return pages, which reduces the number of ads that you can see at first glance.  Google has also increased the number of ads at the top (left) of the page from three to four (most of the time).Google ad layout changes

Those right-hand ads have always produced lower click through rates, so eliminating them will likely increase competition (and costs) for those top left positions. Scrolling down the page, you will probably (though not always!) find more ads at the bottom of the page, underneath a cluster of organic returns.

Before making any drastic changes to your PPC campaigns, you might get some data around how these Google ad layout changes are actually impacting your campaigns. Google always experiments and continually tests new strategies, but they don’t generally make major changes like this unless they are fairly certain that they (and hopefully, you) will profit from them.

Overall, the reduction in paid ads per page may drive costs up as they improve click-through rates for those top positions, but these increased costs per click may result in more rotation of those top ads, as companies can’t afford to park atop the results for highly trafficked terms. It could also be a good time to target lower cost keywords.

Your organic search strategy will need monitoring as well, because with that fourth ad at the top of the page the visibility of organic returns per page will be reduced. If your SEO game isn’t in top form, you may see fewer organic visits to your web properties.

With increased costs for PPC, your SEO strategy needs to pick up the slack in a more competitive arena. Balancing your digital marketing investment between PPC and SEO is now more important than ever.

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How to Improve your Online Ads

You probably already know that your online ads face stiff competition. Digital marketing has become an integral part of almost every business’ overall marketing strategy and online ads, in all of their iterations, are arguably the fastest way to promote your business online. Unlike SEO, which takes time to produce results, paid ads, of any sort, can pay off very ads

Of course, your ads will be going up against the best of your competitors, so every part of your ad must be considered, tweaked and continually tested so that YOU gain those valuable clicks, rather than the other guys.

What drives a potential customer to click on a particular online ad? A recent web clinic I attended addressed this very question.  Marketing Experiments is an internet-based research lab conducting experiments in optimizing sales and marketing processes.

From their extensive studies, they determined that there are two important factors that affect which online ads will see the most traffic, they are:

  1. Appeal – why does the customer want this?
  2. Exclusivity – the customer can only get this from you.

Where these two things intersect is the sweet spot you should be aiming for.  If you can, in the limited confines of your online ad, tell the viewer why your product is better than similar products and assure them that they can only get these specific benefits from doing business with you, then you’ve got a winner!

The tricky bit is determining and then defining these attributes clearly in your ad. You might pull together your marketing team and brainstorm to come up with as many ideas about what are the reasons that people want your products or services (the appeal) and how your they differ from those of you competitors (the exclusivity).

The intersection of appeal and exclusivity is where your ad copy should focus, so that your audience thinks, “I really want this, and I can only get it here”. If you can get to this, you will see a vast improvement in conversion rates.

As always, continual testing and tweaking of your online ads will keep you in the game, even as your competition does the same. There’s no such thing as ‘set it and forget it’ in online advertising.

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Facebook Ads Deliver Quick Results

Many businesses have a presence on Facebook with a business page where they enjoy connecting with their audience and promoting their business offering and expertise. Some businesses even garner much more interaction with people on Facebook than through their business website. This behemoth of a social media channel offers a more personal experience that people are generally very comfortable with and provides you the opportunity to interact more intimately with your customers and prospects.

It can take time, however, to build your audience and gain real roi from your Facebook business page.  Facebook ads can deliver faster results and could be a very useful part of your social media marketing strategy.Facebook ads

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  • Over a billion people us Facebook, but not all of them are potential customers. You can target your ads by age, gender, location and interests, spending your advertising dollars efficiently.
  • With custom audiences, you can target those with whom you are already doing business using the contact info you already have, or exclude them if you goal is to connect with new prospects.
  • With lookalike audiences, you can find people who share certain qualities with your existing audience and who may be likely prospects.
  • Facebook will even help you create ads, with tips on writing and choosing the best visuals.
  • Reporting tools will give you in-depth information about your Facebook ads performance.

If you are concerned about costs (and who isn’t?) you can choose a daily or lifetime budget for your Facebook ads and even switch between the two or change your budget during your campaign.

If you would like to learn more about or try Facebook ads – contact WSI Digital Marketing.

Better Lead Generation

Improving Targeted Lead GenerationGenerating quality leads will directly impact your marketing budget and improve your roi. That seems pretty obvious – but how exactly do you go about it?  Here are some techniques you can use to improve targeted lead generation.

Targeted Lead Generation Techniques

  • PPC advertising – by giving you control over which keyword phrases generate your ad, you can deliver a specific message to the right person at just the right time, which helps you control advertising costs and improve lead quality.
  • Adwords advertising – Google Adwords allows you to display your ads on the pages your audience visits that are most relevant to both you and them.
  • Micro-targeting sharpens your focus – using data (and there’s mountains of available data!) to learn more about your audience’ behaviour will help you craft different messages for specific audiences. Advertising on social media channels will allow you to target the message according to various parameters including age, sex, interests, location and more.
  • Retargeting – You can leverage retargeting to improve the roi of your display ads. Based on previous interactions, you can retarget individuals who have already shown an interest.
  • Location targeting – You can deliver ads to searchers within a specific region, in a defined radius around a location or according to a prospects geographical interests, helping to capture local or geographically based leads.

Using these methods will improve lead generation, and then it’s important to capture and convert these leads into loyal customers.  Which is much easier to do with precisely targeted leads like those that you will gain when you employ these techniques.

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5 Ways PPC Can Improve Your Online Marketing

5-Ways-PPC-Improves-Your-MarketingPPC advertising can produce instant, measurable results and should be considered a valuable part of your overall digital marketing strategy.  Sometimes PPC is overlooked in favour of SEO, but the insights you can gain from a little pay per click can be used to improve your search engine optimization strategy. 

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 5 Ways PPC can Help you Achieve Your Goals

With pay-per-click, you can:

  1. Accurately monitor your conversion rates
  2. Generate data you can use to improve your SEO strategy
  3. Reach new audiences quickly and efficiently
  4. Learn about your online competitors, and
  5. Target your customers anywhere.

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