Communities of Tomorrow was a WSI Marketing client from February 2007 until CT was discontinued in June 2013. During that time WSI supported Communities of Tomorrow in building an online presence, supporting engagement with strategic partnerships that brought innovative solutions to municipalities across the province of Saskatchewan.

Through the support of their founding partners, including:

  • The Saskatchewan Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
  • The City of Regina
  • The National Research Council, and
  • The University of Saskatchewan

Communities of Tomorrow was able to assist local businesses, researchers, and municipalities with testing, developing, and marketing their innovative infrastructure ideas.

Strategic alliance partnerships also offered a wide range of support, including export assistance, commercialization, economic development, research and environmental expertise. Partners included:

  • SpringBoard West Innovations Inc.
  • Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Industry and Managers Association
  • TR Labs
  • National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
  • City of Saskatoon
  • University of Saskatchewan Centre of Excellence for Transportation and Infrastructure
  • MITACS Accelerate
  • Alberta Association of Colleges & Technical Institutes

Through numerous legacy agreements signed with Communities of Tomorrow, much of the work they began will continue, with support from SUMA, Innovation Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Research Council, industry, and many other stakeholders.

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association honours the commitment of Communities of Tomorrow by publishing some of their documents on the SUMA website.  

WSI Marketing is proud to have served this group, providing digital marketing solutions to help them connect with partners and create alliances that allowed them to achieve their corporate objectives.