Be Wherever Your Customers Go

With that little phone, larger phablet or full-on tablet you are packing, you can do anything on the move. Bank, trade stocks, order food, watch sports and movies, and of course, communicate with voice, text, video call, email and social media.

But the term ‘mobile’ is about more than just smartphones; 2014 brought us wearable technology – bluetooth connected “watches”, smart clothing, asset tags (check out TILE) and smart appliances. The bottom line is that whether we walk, ride bikes, drive cars, take public transit or travel long distances we are in a connected world and can be continually plugged in.

Out Of This World

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield is a perfect example. Hadfield (now one of Canada’s most famous singers – lol) an Internet sensation while working on the international space station – it’s hard to be more mobile than that!  Chris was active on his Twitter account, posted a ton of pictures and videos, and kept up on world events through the Internet.

Constant Movement

All of us travel (physically or virtualy) from our homes, to the office, to meetings, to the coffee shop, and stop for groceries one the way home.  We then go to the gym, take kids to activities and head off to our volunteer community commitments.  That’s a lot of movement.

As a consumer I might visit your site on my desktop at work, read an email from you on my tablet while at a meeting, and check you out on Twitter from my smartphone at the coffee shop. It’s becoming increasingly more important for businesses to maintain a connected and consistent presence across multiple platforms – you have to be where I want to find you!

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