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As useful as search engines are, they contribute an odd dynamic to business.  A bricks and mortar store, in plain site of passersby, may not be found in the search results – in which case it’s likely losing out on customers who walk right by the door.

Tech savvy, mobile, potential customers – which is an exploding fraction of your market! – could be right around the corner from the kind of business they’re looking for, but will not find it unless it shows up in their mobile search results.  They’ll likely end up travelling further to give their business to a competitor.

WSI offers search solutions to ensure that this is not happening to your business. We’ll analyze what your competitors are doing, where they’re showing up and how you can get ahead of them. There’s a perfect mix of search solutions out there for your business, it just takes a little digging to get to determine where you need to be.

The Way Up

If you’re lucky, you might be in an industry that is not yet competing for search rankings – we’ll get you connected to that untapped organic ranking potential. If not, we can dig in to find the specialized – and localized – search terms that are your long-tail gold. We can also run pay-per-click campaigns  to build traffic and learn about your competitive landscape , or build your “zero moment of truth” with display advertising.

The solution may be a combination of these options, but don’t worry – we’ll get you noticed!

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