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Have you ever started noticing a certain type of car after somebody talks about it or you have been exposed to one? For example, your friend buys a new Subaru Impreza – for the next week you would swear that every fourth car you see is an Impreza. You see them in every style, color and body-type they come in. Just wait, you’ll probably notice a few out on the road today.

This top-of-mind awareness is exactly why display advertising works so well. Our display solutions create top-of-mind awareness for potential customers who are reading about related topics or have visited your site recently. We often find that businesses assume that a potential customer who leaves their site is a lost cause. Not a legitimate assumption!

Hooking The Intelligent Customer

Consumers are smarter than they’ve ever been and spend a lot of effort researching a product (or class of products!) before making a purchase. It’s very likely that first-time visitors to your site aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. If they leave your site and you aren’t doing anything to sustain awareness, they may not come back when it’s time to buy. Display advertising has the ability to keep your products or services top-of-mind with these prospects – and even nudge them back to your site.

WSI’s display solutions place your ads in front of surfers who are looking for similar products and services, or have previously visited your website. The shoppers who have previously visited your site will see your banner ads when they are on other (relevant!) websites. The outcomes might be a click on the banner ad immediately or return to your site sometime later simply because you (like that song that keeps going in your head) are stuck in their heads. At the very least, it’s better to be proactive and stay in touch with people you would otherwise have written off!

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