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Local SEO (search engine optimization) is an essential component of search engine marketing for businesses that depend, even in part, on local customers. Effective local SEO depends on local knowledge and finding the right voice – and directories! – to connect with people in your region. While WSI is a global entity, our WSI internet marketing agency, based in Western Canada, can help you connect with your local customers and prospects.

Local SEO with WSI

Cartoon person walking and using smart phone.Our local search programs include traditional SEO with the addition of building a local presence on the internet. Google Places, Bing directory, review sites and hundreds of local business search directories need to have your business information to ensure that you show up when your neighbor looks for your services. Our Local SEO programs start here, then build on with updates to your web site, publication of localized articles and building inbound links to your internet properties.

Content marketing applies to Local SEO as much as it does to regular SEO – but with the added focus of targeting a certain geographical area. Local search queries that incorporate “geographical keywords” like “Vancouver”, “Regina”, or “Esquimalt Rd” clearly indicate a location that the searcher is willing (or able) to visit or do business at.

People who are looking for seafood restaurants in Vancouver are probably not interested in being directed to the Blue Crab Bar and Grill in Victoria (unless they are up for a ferry ride and potentially an overnight stay in Victoria). And that’s why it makes sense to have a local internet marketing agency help you with local SEO. We can help you decide which keyword phrases are the best targets for your local SEO strategy.

Local SEO can Result in Higher Search Engine Rankings

It’s difficult to appear at the top of the list for a search term like “auto repair” and even if you did it might not be particularly helpful if most of the visits were coming from another city. Appearing at the top for “Regina auto repair”, on the other hand, could give a huge boost to your Regina auto repair shop. Generally, the more specific your directory service descriptions and website keyword phrases, the better chance you have of being found and reaching page one of the search engine results. Just remember that if no-one is searching on those keyword phrases, they aren’t much good to you. It all comes down to solid keyword research, with both standard and local SEO.
WSI Delivers Local SEO Results!

Are you ready to get the results you deserve for local SEO? Ask our WSI internet marketing agency about local SEO strategies that deliver results!


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