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Think about what you do when you search for something using Google. Have you paid attention to Which results do you usually click on? Usually the top two, maybe the third? When you look at the results, if the top site has relevant content and appears optimized landing pages, chances are you click-through on the first result and never look back. The bottom line is that you rarely click on links past the top three, so that’s where the value lies for your businesses as well. The process of getting your site and content to the top of the search results is called search engine optimization (SEO).

So, before you look in your spam folder for this morning’s $100 SEO offer, there’s more. It’s not as simple as choosing a word or phrase that best describes your business and optimizing for those terms. If that was it, you would really not need us…

Let’s go back to your Google search for a second. Whatever you were looking for, you searched based on a word or phrase that made sense to you. Not everybody searches the same way, which means great SEO solutions are really about understanding searcher intent, not really about describing your business. The key is figuring out how your target audience perceives your business and then building an understanding of how that is translated into their search queries. If you think that sounds like guesswork, then you’d be at least partly right.

It’s Hard, But We’re Wizards

Like Harry Potter and Gandalf.   …..right.Cartoon drawing of a wizard's wand.

Seriously, why isn’t SEO an exact science? For starters, Google updates search algorithms almost daily – and they don’t tell anyone how the key ranking factors are weighted or how they interact. This means that SEO involves gathering as much information as possible and making some informed and educated guesses using other available sets of data.

Sound a bit confusing? Lucky for you we have the understanding and ability to minimize your pain in the SEO process. WSI’s SEO solutions include competitor analysis, keyword research, content audits and on-page optimization. This mix gives you prescription for ranking on search terms that are both relevant to your business and reflect relevant buyer intent.

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