Marketing Analytics Made Easier

Whether it’s hockey, football, baseball, soccer or cricket, fans of all major sports know their games revolve around statistics. Baseball has traditionally relied heavily on player statistics, especially when “converting” pitches to hits and hits to outs!  Animated cartoon baseball batterAthletes and teams are measured by an analysis of the stats they produce, which is exactly how digital marketing campaigns are evaluated.

Sports aside, marketing analytics isn’t the easiest part of the discipline, in theory or in practice. It is one of the most important, though.  If you aren’t measuring your business’s campaigns, then you’ll never know which ones are working or how you can improve them. Make no mistake, your campaigns will need to be tweaked and optimized for conversion; constant iteration is the key to keeping up with the shifting landscape of the Internet.

Data Is Your Friend

The core activities of digital marketing campaigns (conversions, traffic and links) is really centered on marketing analytics and measurement – the basis for what analytics guru Avinash Kaushak calls “actionable insights” – since that’s where the data comes from. Without the metrics, we wouldn’t know how many people visited your site and the number of them who converted into customers. Marketers and businesses cannot add value  in the dark, trying to find their way by touch – turn on the lights!

Billy Beane (watch Moneyball to learn about Beane’s tactics!) doesn’t assemble his baseball teams without looking at the stats.  Think about that – you don’t want to start your digital campaigns without a thorough understanding of your objectives and measurements – marketing analytics – either!

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