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Email has become part of our daily lives – both at work and away. As ubiquitous as social media has become, email is the communications channel of choice for the vast majority of the workforce. Just think – you would have to read a newspaper rather than email with your morning coffee…..

Email marketing has a negative image with many business people who struggle with spam, but when implemented correctly, email services are a great way to capture new leads and increase engagement with an existing customer base.

More Than Just A Blast

Another reason email marketing gets a bad name is that most businesses send an email blast twice a year (to an out-of-date list) and call it a strategy.  Curiously enough, they don’t get much positive response from these “blasts”.  Email marketing should employ a campaign-driven drip strategy that constantly touches an interested list of hot leads and current customers.

Like any digital marketing process, email needs to revolve around a strategy and a set of goals. Consider what your target audience would be interested in hearing about, or what kinds of promotions would move them to engage. Consider your own inbox again; chances are you can remember an instance when you took action on a good email marketing campaign – you know it works.

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