Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be inexpensive and quick to implement, but there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Successful social media marketing engages customers in a meaningful way and encourages interaction with your brand, fostering a sense of community and increasing traffic to your web properties through the “viral” nature of content and link sharing.

Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Start with one social media marketing channel

How do you decide where to start with your social media marketing campaign? You’re probably familiar with some of the pillars of social media — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, WordPress blogs, Tumblr, various forum builders, and Google+ but attempting to establish a presence on all of these is likely to prove counterproductive. It’s critical that your social media channels are closely monitored and it’s difficult (and time consuming!) to manage multiple social media channels.

child holding blocks that spell learn - about social media marketing

Social media marketing - a learning experience!

Keep your content fresh and relevant

A seldom updated social media page is disastrous in today’s fast-paced virtual world. If you can only update your Facebook page every few weeks, perhaps you should consider other channels or committing more resources to making it work! Your audience demand frequently updated content, which gives them the confidence to communicate with you and, when the need for your products and services arises, do business with you.

You will make mistakes – handle them well

If your company makes a mistake – own it. Don’t hide from it or make excuses. Immediately provide an honest apology, make it right if you can and move on. Too often businesses fail to address issues in a timely matter, which is almost as bad as ignoring it!

Have a clear – and shared! – social media policy

Ensure that your employees understand that their presence and behaviour on social media channels will affect the company’s reputation. It’s best to provide staff a written social media policy outlining expectations.

Learn about the channels

You can learn all about social media on your own, or work with our WSI internet marketing agency to determine the best social media marketing strategy for your business. Our internet marketing consultants will help select, test and build the right channels and strategy for you.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Create Value

User-generated content on your social media channels, managed properly, can add great value as long as the positive inputs outweigh any negatives.

Boost Brand Loyalty

Engagement with your brand on social media channels will increase customers’ brand loyalty.

Build Social Authority and Credibility

A well-managed social media marketing strategy including demonstration of your knowledge and expertise. Relevant, courteous and friendly human interaction with your customers will build your social authority and credibility.

If you’re ready to explore social media marketing, call us. Our WSI internet marketing agency is standing by to offer analysis, training and social media marketing services.