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In the last post I pointed out some common landing page blunders; this time I’ll give you some tips on what you SHOULD be doing to optimize your landing pages.

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Even though your landing page will function best stripped down and simplified as much as possible, that doesn’t necessarily mean that creating the best landing page is simple.  You don’t need many words or flashy elements, but they must be the right ones, effectively formatted to achieve your goals, whether that means driving sales or lead generation.

Like many complex tasks, a checklist can help you work through landing page optimization methodically and thoroughly.  From the folks at unbounce, here is a 50 point checklist for creating the ultimate landing page

The checklist will help you assess an existing landing page and provide a set of ‘to-dos’ (or maybe, ‘undos’!) and will give you a score that reflects how your landing page stacks up right now. 

Of course, after you’ve addressed your issues you should test your new landing page against the old to see what sort of lift you’ve gained for your efforts.  And it’s not a bad idea to run your new page through the checklist, tweak it some more and test it again.  Continual testing can help you achieve even better results. After all, why should you settle for a 12% lift when 20% is possible, and then why stop at 20%?

A comprehensive checklist can help you optimize your landing page(s) systematically leading to better click-through and lead generation rates.  At our WSI internet marketing agency, we use checklists along with other tools and regular testing to help our clients build landing pages that earn their keep.

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